Pokedi, A Community-Friendly Bot



Plant all kinds of berries and use them on duels.



Duel against your friend, an NPC, a wild Pokemon, or even a Gym Leader!



Just, determined, loving, and ever-growing community.


Easy to Use

Simplicity beats complexity!

Catch, Trade, and Evolve Pokemon!

Just talk, walk, run, something is bound to bring excitement to the fun!

Also, did you know that there's a chance for Giga energy to release and a Raid Boss to spawn? Be prepared!

Simple in 4 Languages

The Bot's not only fun in English, but Portugal, Espanol, and Deutch

Be sure to p!language just incase

The Best Battle Experience

Duel your friends, Gym Leaders, AI, Wild Pokemon, and even a Giga Boss! Pokeballs, berries, stasus, and stages supported by choice.

Pokedi Prefix npc to duel an NPC and Pokedi Prefix duel <@user> someone.