Welcome to the World of Pokémon!

Dive into a world of thrilling battles, exciting captures, dynamic trading, and bountiful farming experiences—all in one place.

Catch, Trade, Grow

Catch, trade, and evolve Pokémon legendaries, mythicals, and more! Dive into a world of adventure, friendship, and evolution as you embark on your Pokémon journey.
Duel and Brawl

Duel trainers and conquer Gym Leaders to earn prestigious badges. Prove your skills in epic battles and become a true Pokémon Master!
Plant and Shower

Cultivate berries, uncover hidden Pokémon, and gather rare treasures. It's going to be an exciting journey filled with discovery and adventure!
Community, Love, Flowers

Connect with trainers worldwide, forge lasting friendships, and embark on epic adventures together. Join a community where everyone is welcome, and the Pokémon spirit thrives!
Catch, Trade, and Evolve!
Catch, Trade, and Evolve Pokémon!

Just talk, walk, run, something is bound to bring excitement to the fun!

Fun Fact: Look out for Giga-Energy leaks and Raid Boss spawns!

Play in your own Language!

The Bot's not only fun in English, but Portugal, Espanol, and Deutch. Give it a try.

Be sure to check your language settings

Play in your own Language!
The Best Battle Experience!
The Best Battle Experience!

Duel your friends, Gym Leaders, AI, Wild Pokémon, and even a Giga Boss!

Pokéball, berries, and more included